Almond Milk

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to making your own delicious almond milk.

 It makes roughly 500ml.


All you’ll need is…

110g of almonds

2 medjool dates



jug or container for milk

Step one of homemade almond milk; Soak 110g of almonds for 6 hours


Step two; Take out the stones of two totally delicious unctuous (love that word!) medjool dates to add as a healthy natural sweetener. 😋


Step three; pop both almonds and dates into blender (I use a JTComniblend as it’s so powerful!) with 500ml of water 💦💦



Step four; WHIZZZZ for 60 seconds (90 for a finer consistency)….. Nearly there!!



Step five; Pour contents through a sieve into your container, unless you want to keep it thick for smoothies or a breakfast bowl. 

The fibrous matter could be used along with veg to make a patty, or with dried fruit for an energy bar.

There you have it! So simple, so tasty and so NUTritious …mainly for its good fats, protein and water. It is also a great vegan alternative to dairy, too much dairy can have a negative impact on ones health. The dairy proteins can be too large for our body to break down resulting in improper digestion which may cause consequential problems like excess mucous, poor skin health and constipation.

Even if you’re not aware that you have a problem with dairy it can still be great to give an alternative milk a try. There’s lots available now like oat (my favourite), rice, coconut and soya.

Almond milk isn’t expensive either, if you’re on a budget you can find almonds for a good price in supermarkets or small independent shops. The blender is the pricey part, but again you can find good deals and you will never regret buying one, you can whizz up all sorts.

Penny x

What other recipes or articles would you like to see? Let me know…


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