Vitamin D -The Sunshine Vitamin 🌞

I love the sun in October, it's low and is a sharp light that makes everything beautifully vivid.

Vitamin D comes in two forms -D2 & D3. It is a fat-soluble (the liver mainly stores it in fat) pro-hormone which helps balance hormones in the body and supports our immune system. 

Top up your vitamin D3 levels from exposure to the sun to also aid:

Cardiovascular health 

Bone strength

Insulin regulation 

A positive effect on mood.

Some of the biggest vitamin D deficiency symptoms include:

Weakened immune system
(Colds & flu)

Seasonal depression (SAD)

Autoimmune disease


Weak bones (osteopenia)

Skin issues eczema and psoriasis


Vitamin D can also be sourced from food (both D3 & D2), especially from:







Raw milk


However, relying on vitamin D from food can be limited due to the narrow range of sources, so soak up the sunshine's UVB rays to prompt synthesis in the skin and consider taking a vitamin supplement. 

Supplementation of vitamin D is recommended as a boost, especially for those that may fall into any of the categories mentioned below.

Risk factors of deficiency include;

People taking medication that deplete vitamin D eg. anti-convulsants and steroids.

People who are obese (vitamin D won't be as bioavailable from fat stores).

People with less exposure to sunlight eg. Night workers, those living sedentary lifestyles. 

People with digestive impairments such as IBD.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Babies (especially exclusively breastfed) and young children under the age of 5.

The elderly due to reduced capacity to synthesise vitamin D.

Also covering of the skin from clothes or sunscreen can effect the absorption, and the regular user of sunglasses.

🌞 Please get in touch if you'd like to order a supplement, I can help you choose which is best for you and you'll also receive 10% off the RRP (postage may be included). Quote SUNSHINE SUPPLEMENT.

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