Puy lentil salad with sprouted chickpeas and sardines

Written for Wild Oats Natural Foods, Bristol. You can find the original article on their website here

The perfect fresh dish providing protein, antioxidants, nutrients and good fats for glowing skin.

Serves 2

1 cup of puy lentils

150 g of fresh spinach

2 fresh beetroots -or pre-cooked

1 big tomato –sliced

50g sprouted chickpeas -either bought or pre-soak for 1 – 4 days, refresh water daily

1 tin of sardines -exclude for vegetarians or vegans

For the dressing
Olive oil

Apple cider vinegar

1/2 lime

1 clove garlic -finely chopped

1 tsp grain mustard

1 tsp honey

1 tsp dried oregano

1/2 fresh chilli -finely chopped

Ground black pepper


  1. Set the beetroot to cook for 45 – 60 minutes (leave the skin on)
  2. Rinse the lentils well, then leave to gently cook for 40 – 45 minutes
  3. Warm the sardines in a non stick pan on a low heat
  4. Steam the spinach for 5 – 7 minutes
  5. Add all ingredients for the dressing into a jar and shake to mix
  6. Peel the beetroot and slice
  7. Strain the lentils and place on plate, add the spinach, beetroot, tomato, sardines, chickpeas and dress with the contents of the jar.


3 thoughts on “Puy lentil salad with sprouted chickpeas and sardines

  1. Great combo. Love tinned fish for easy meals (and chose where possible Fish4Ever, an indie campaigning sustainable brand that sources fish ethically, and uses organic land ingredients (good for planet) so the oils does not need to be drained away but are delicious).

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