Little hearts of cacao & coconut 💛

A simple recipe for these delicious dark hearts (not for the faint hearted!)


💛 125g cacao butter 

💛 50g cacao powder

💛 50g sweetener; coconut nectar or coconut palm sugar or xylitol – last two giving a crunch

🍊Desired flavours/toppings like citrus zest, pistachio, chia seeds or goji berries

Equipment needed

Silicon mould 

Wooden spoon 

Bain Marie (bowl on saucepan over heat)


  • Heat cacao butter, cacao powder & coconut sugar in bain marie making sure water doesn’t touch there bowel and cook the chocolate

  • Add flavouring and stir, don’t let the contents boil.
  • Prepare mould, make sure there’s no water in it, add in any toppings at the bottom 
  • Pour contents into mould and leave to set in the fridge for at least an hour.

Enjoy! ♥️

These beauties are refined sugar free and naturally provide lots of energy, so don’t have them late at night!! 

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