Kotka Living

Angelica elixir for all the family.

As some of you may know I have started a business with a good friend Natalia, it’s called Kotka Living, named after the City in Finland where she is from.

Both Natalia and I wanted to bring the potency of the Finnish wilderness to the UK in the form of plant powders and elixirs.

Being a Nutritional Therapist I recommend supplements to clients, friends and family members almost daily, and I’m very aware that the number of tablets or capsules you may be advised to take can be quite a lot to remember, and not always the most pleasant of experiences to swallow.

That’s why we’re super excited by the range of products that we sell at Kotka Living, as they’re not only super beneficial for your health, but they also taste so fresh and as they pass through your mouth they awaken all your senses -which all adds to the therapeutic experience.

They can be included in your food preparation too -see the recipe for a Kerkkä Latte on our website and see my Gluten Free Chocolate Cake topping!

As well as selling our products directly online, we have introduced our stock into health stores and are continuing to expand our number of stockists. If you know of an outlet that might be interested please fill in the box below.

As a hello & welcome from us we’re offering a 25% discount online with the code SPRINGSPRUCE

Kotka Living –instagram, twitter and facebook.

All the best to you, be well, Penny x

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