About Penny 

I was first introduced to Nutritional Therapy by my mother, who trained in the early 1990’s under Dr Lawrence Plaskett, after looking into nutrition to help ailments within our family -mainly for me who was diagnosed with Henoch-Schönlein purpura (an auto-immune disease of the blood) at the age of 4 years old, which resulted in me being bed ridden, with a rash covering my body and having a brief spell of arthritis of the ankles! My mother brought home her new-found knowledge to her sceptical family -nutritional therapy wasn’t a well known thing in our town -let alone it being put into practice! After cutting out dairy and excluding wheat where possible my ‘baby pot belly’ at the age of 10 went and my overall wellness greatly improved …even if my street cred didn’t (taking marmite coated rice cakes to school in my lunchbox was very entertaining for my friends).


Years later when at university studying film and television I re-visited this inherited wisdom when needing to address my health once again; chronic facial acne. It is easy to forget now that I’m on top of my skin health how awful acne can make you feel (if I do have a break out now it’s normally the morning after wine or chocolate!). I had such lows, dead-ends and psychological trauma over the 10+ years of having skin issues -it might sound dramatic, but it is a condition everyone can see!


After working in health & wellbeing for 12 years and having qualified as a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist myself, with Nutritional Healing Foundation, I have learnt so much that has empowered me to combat health issues of my own but also my friends, family and clients.

Along with my Practitioner Diploma in have also had training from supplement companies: Pukka Herbs, Viridian, Optibac Probiotics, Cytoplan, A.Vogel and Biocare.

I am now a mother to a beautiful one year old girl, happily married and live and work in the foodie’s dream city of Bristol, UK. I use my WordPress site Penny’s Plate and Instagram as my online outlet for articles, recipes and (mostly) food-related pictures.


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Eat well, be well.


Penny x