Eating with the Seasons

  I don’t know about you, but when I think of seasonal produce my memory casts back to picking berries and sweet peas in a friend’s back garden when I was little. Each summer my family and I were tempted by the ‘pick-your-own’ strawberry sign on the roadside. And I also remember the annual Harvest … Continue reading Eating with the Seasons

A Twist on a Traditional Apple Crumble

Who likes apple crumble?! 🙋 I do! This season's apples having been dropping for a few weeks now, and we've still got a bit of time left to catch some more, so here's what you can do with them. I say it's a twist on a traditional apple crumble as it doesn't include refined sugar … Continue reading A Twist on a Traditional Apple Crumble

Berry Bonanza Smoothie

Now that autumn has arrived it's time to keep your immunity strong with boosting your vitamin intake. This berry bonanza is particularly rich in Vitamin C, which is an essential dietary component as our bodies cannot manufacture it. In this recipe I've included a mixture of berries, as well as red- and blackcurrents, which gives … Continue reading Berry Bonanza Smoothie