Penny was brilliant in understanding my nutritional needs and expectations during our consultation, and it is a delight to work with Penny to get my body and mind energised through eating well and lifestyle changes.  The action plan provided is detailed and suited to work with you and your lifestyle enabling changes at the pace you want. Already the benefits for me are increased energy, reduced water retention, improved sleeping and a stronger awareness of what I am eating.”   -Marcia.



“During my first appointment with Penny I felt a great sense of relief as I realised that her clear and positive approach to health and nutrition would provide me with the guidance I need to get really well.

I have since been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in my lung and on my spine and Penny continues to give me valuable support and advice. Penny’s holistic approach to health provides me with the overview and perspective I need to enable me to look after myself properly at this difficult time. She takes care to consider my situation and find what can help me to be as well as possible.

Penny is full of suggestions and ideas to help in the quest for good health. I would highly recommend her to anyone with any concerns about their health and to those would like some guidance on eating healthily and taking care of themselves.”  -Nicki